Invecity Capital structures
tailored financing solutions
for real estate professionals

Expert in Alternative
     Real Estate Financing

Since 2015, Invecity Capital has structured around sixty private bond issuances collateralized by real estate assets.

The multidisciplinary expertise of the leadership team is reflected in an agile and responsive approach. Our distinctive feature lies in our ability to identify and understand the operational challenges of our clients, delivering practical financing solutions quickly.


Our identity is based on the fundamental values of integrity and performance, demonstrated through our unwavering dedication to the quality of our solutions.


Our success is built on customer satisfaction and the establishment of a relationship based on trust.


We choose high-quality operations and adapt to the specificities of each project, thereby illustrating our ability to tailor our approach to optimally meet the unique requirements of each situation.

Our Expertise

Acquisition Financing

Invecity Capital offers innovative solutions to real estate operators to finance or refinance a portion of their equity, fostering their development, either in addition to or as a substitute for banking partners.

Asset Refinancing

For the restructuring of an asset or for value-add operations, Invecity Capital deploys agile and fast alternative financing.

Bridge Loan

Invecity Capital possesses expertise in structuring short-term financing, specifically designed in advance of the sale or bank refinancing of a real estate asset.

We deliver

A Customized


For Amounts Ranging From

1M€ to 20M€

Disbursed Within

4 to 5 Weeks

Specialist in Collateralized
   Private Debt

Our investment team leverages its experience to conduct a thorough evaluation of the underlying real estate assets and the parties involved.

We select real estate transactions and asset acquisitions where bank financing often proves limited, whether in terms of amount or speed of disbursement.

The robustness of our financing (senior or mezzanine) is ensured by prudent structuring criteria as well as a comprehensive and tailored range of collateral.



Scope of Operations

Based in Paris, Invecity Capital operates in France and Europe
for the structuring of unlisted bond issuances.